Medium Clay Bass Darbuka | Goat Skin

Skin Diameter: 25-26 cm
Diameter: 34-35-36 cm
Height: 50-53 cm
Weight (Apr): 7-8 kg
*** Lamp Kit is shipped free when you buy Clay Darbuka (all sizes) to tune instrument


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Skin Diameter

covered with goat and fish skin Clay Darbuka is a (100%)hundered percent natural instrument. Blended Anatolia’s different 7-8 character soil let to rest for using, made with manuel labor adhering to Hitttite techniques on ceramic workbench without help of a template. Rested for drying protecting from sun and wind. In due course of thid drying process, the artist rellefs on instruments improvisationally.  After that instruments made ready to fire by polishing. Firing the instruments lasts one day (24 hours) in a natural kiln fired with 3-4 kinds of haulms, grape saps and seeds,and turfs, with the adjusting the fire degrees as expected voices. Afterwars, colouring and retouching made and endly, the skin choice is realized for covering darbukas, and the production is completed.

Emin Percussion
Emin Percussion


We prefer September and October for annual producing. Because of the all processes being %100 natural and %handcrafted all instruments have unique desing, voice and weight. Due to this properties tuned with the special produced heat kit, and storaged at room conditions keeping safe from moisture. Used in studios and in doors usually. Deep rooted on Egypt, Middle East, Middle Asia and Africa, named as Clay or Ceramic Darbuka and played on lap. Can be performed with ethnic rthythm techniques, also  played as latin percussions techniques. Besides being an accompany, it can also be used as a solo instrument and is appropriate for all music types. Clay Darbuka has three sizes; solo size contains whistle register, mediumbass size contains medium tones and bass size contains bass voices.

Weight 13 kg